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Ollie’s Reptiles has now opened up a reptile rescue centre based in the Midlands to help out with the ever increasing demand to find reptiles a good loving, forever home.

Due to the complex needs of reptiles many are being kept in unsuitable conditions which may lead to lack of nutrition and basic needs sometimes due to lack of knowledge or neglect.

The recent trend to breed reptiles has also seen a growing number of unnecessarily bred lizards and snakes to the point where the breeders are willing to give animals away just to move them on. This gives temptation for new keepers to take on a free pet just because it’s free. Many unfortunately end up in rescue centres.

I offer a free advice service by phone, facebook and email, helping with the welfare and care of all reptiles.

All animals that are ready for rehoming after being assessed and rehabilitated at Ollie’s Reptiles will be advertised on my facebook page and website.

I will accept any reptiles including DWA licensed animals. These animals would be rehabilitated off-site with a DWA licensee.

Donations either monetary and/or unwanted reptile equipment and vivariums are gratefully accepted and can be collected by prior arrangement.

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